Public Statement in Support of OSHA’S Proposed Heat Rule

2 Jul 2024

National COSH Public Statement in Support of OSHA’S Proposed Heat Rule

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) strongly supports OSHA’s proposed rule to address heat-related hazards for both indoor and outdoor workers. The rule, which was announced today, is a critical step in protecting millions of workers from heat-related illnesses and injuries.

Through our Fired Up! Workers for Heat Justice campaign and the efforts of our local COSH groups and allies, we have long advocated for an OSHA heat standard. We are motivated and encouraged by the latest news from OSHA, as it signifies a vital advancement in worker safety.

Extreme heat poses serious risks, including heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and fatalities, affecting both outdoor and indoor environments. As climate change raises global temperatures, comprehensive heat protection standards are increasingly urgent.

The proposed rule emphasizes preventative measures such as access to water, rest breaks, and shaded or cooled areas. It also mandates training for workers and supervisors to recognize and respond to heat-related illnesses. These protections ensure that employers proactively safeguard their workforce.

Worker safety is paramount. Heat-related illnesses are preventable, and no worker should endure unsafe conditions. This rule provides a clear framework for promoting a culture of safety and responsibility.

Supporting OSHA's proposed heat rule affirms the value of human life and the right to a safe workplace. We urge its swift adoption and implementation to protect workers and ensure their access to safe and just working conditions.